I Got Plans!


A feed from The Atlantic (http://bulletjournal.com) on the Bullet Journal caught my eye.

It reminds me of my steno pad/date/day planner only it hadn’t dawned on me to index it. (Ryder that idea is genus.)

Talking with my husband and a friend, I found we have been doing something similar, just not as evolved. Some of the many artists on the ‘pinned board of things’ have really been inspired by this neat journal/planning concept. The idea that a less formulated structure was far more productive allowed for me to be, well, me; a concept lost on me until now.

For someone who seems to be all over the place at once, the structure of most planners frustrated me to no end. The open unstructured page of even just a steno pad (no center ring to fight with my hand when writing) gave me comfort and flexibility. I glued and taped things like a calendar and schedules on the inside cover. Back then I hadn’t been exposed to moleskin, and the big box bookstores weren’t in my little town. We went to combo local franchised stores that sold books, cards, and gifts, so a plain jane steno pad required me to hand date every page (and I did), leaving very little room for those notes creative people seem to amass (especially writers of all kinds, we will even use TT in a fix).

Finding a way to keep track of myself, my projects and allowing for the multitude of notes to self became overwhelming with formatted planners, and even my self dated steno. When I read the article and checked out the website, was the light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t live life compartmentalized, why should my planner? Room for everything in the course of a day and not have bits of this here and that idea there, slips of paper and sticky notes peeping and slipping out from between pages sounded ideal. There’s room ideas, scenes, character development and doodles for that picture book. Right there in the middle of the pages between today and tomorrow – that is if you don’t decided ahead of time how many pages should be devoted to one day.

It is something more than a glorified personal journal, because it can be carried around every day. Retain information, projects, whatever and won’t rely on electricity or a gadget. So maybe it isn’t high tech, or up to speed, it does satisfy the tactile need in me to be grounded and in control of something, even if it is just pen, ink and paper.

I think I am going to like bringing back my steno pad/date book/planner/journal, because it will mean keeping track of what I am, will be doing, as well some of what I need to be, want to be, especially when a writing idea hits. I might even incorporate some of Ryder’s tweaks (thanks for the tweaks).




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