This project started years ago and was sidetracked by many events. Decisions were made, and remade. This caused the estimate to be readjusted since it was first begun. We’ve now been given the opportunity to move further in the project and are taking it. The project? Bathroom make-over!

One thing I learned in all this, things change, so don’t fret on decisions, cause they can be redivided. Choices that allow for tweaking and have wiggle room tend to be better and more adaptable to change. Whether the change is a little or a lot we have no way of knowing, so when we make those hard and permanent choices- adopting to them can be next to impossible. There are products now on the market that weren’t as readily available five years ago when we first made the decision we to remodel.

It has also taught me patience, the kind that goes beyond the moment of excitement with an idea, and broadened into a universal application of perspective and attitude. (This could be fleeting, but I hope not.) Hoping it will grow and can be applied in more circumstances than remodeling the house, to include writing stories as well. That dreaded editing process is specifically on my mind.

Sigh. Oh, well. A nice thought.



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