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Attempting to write a fantasy fiction young adult story has been taking years now. Pushed off the task for this or that reason. I am once again working on the rough draft. While doing so, I am also reading some favored fantasy authors my family enjoys. From the books making up the Enchanted Forest by Patricia Wrede series to stories by R. A. Salvatore, I am reading and studying how to write action scenes as well as pacing and story development. Getting way to technical on the writing part, I know full well about using details to procrastinate.

Attention to what works in a story and why when reading is helpful. Then looking at my story and considering whether or not my telling flows with the same feeling as it does in my head. What perspective and voice will be the best telling? When to purposely slow the consumption of words so that the reader pays close attention to detail, and devours them hungrily when the action needs to move quickly.

I know my writing will need revision, but any pointers I can find through reading better writers and looking at my work objectively to see where it fails is a huge help – as long as I don’t get caught up in self judgement and doubt. (Did I hear a cosmic amen?)

IF you have a suggestion for this genre, please tell me in the comments. And thanks in advance for the help.




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