Among Writers

Don’t take me seriously-
I can’t write
I will never belong,
these really are not my people
Is it my age?
Is it my personality?
Is it me?
I will never fit
I lost my voice, at times now I question it was ever there.

I do not belong here.
This is not my place
Yet, I see, hear, within them words, my words
How do they do that?
What magic potion did they take?
I want to ask them-
Teach me the handshake,
Show me the sign.
Standing off
My brain halts, no words come.
I am speechless.

Yet, here I sit behind the wall
A hard wooden seat
Pen in hand and paper sweet
Words flow
The dam has broken

My norm
Unfortunately isn’t common
No one’s is
Crave 2 b included
Doubt self inflicted.


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