How I Work


So writing free-range style, which was how I originally thought was my way of doing things, got put on hold while I tried out other people’s ideas and directions about writing. Then, because that wasn’t working, I ended up writing a potential blog post to myself explaining why I have to write my own way.

Now a hiatus from formal study and out come all the forlorn notepads of paper stashed about the home. Slowly trickling in are ideas, tentatively, like a frightened rescue animal, my creativity testing the waters of my own self reception. Is doing it my way going to be ok? Can I accept my own creative process?

This ‘stuff’ gets in the way –

Thinking and trying to find a way to organize all those pieces of paper (I had a way at one time a way that worked for me but abandoned it trying to ‘be more like a real writer’.

How to be a writer, trying out other’s rules and expectations and perfection, instead of just being me and working the way I work, recognizing that is MY right way.

No one has to validate how you are creative, or why you create whatever it is you create. The passion that is your work, is yours to define, decide and share.

That is what I learned about how I work.



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