So the morning started off listening to Infuence off of Elle King’s album “Love Stuff”. (I don’t know nor do I care at the moment of this writing on the grammatical correctness of this citing. The info’s there, grammar police, get over it.) I just finished submitting a story to a writing group using some of the direction found in Chuck Wendig’s 30 Days in the Word Mines.

Wait does that sound hypocritical? It shouldn’t. I am reading it and make notes and found a useful idea for when I am not exactly sure where the story is going, it was kind of like a permission to do a series of story “what ifs”. I had this story idea, but well, it wasn’t very fleshed out and I was grasping at stars for something to share at the meeting. So this helped me try something out as far as this writing exercise went.

I have tried to be a writer who outlines before I sit down to write, way back in grade school. It never worked out well for me. I never could stay on the original outline, I always had to redo the outline, this seemed to really frustrated my English teachers. So I devised this method of writing the entire paper before and editing and writing and editing and then writing an outline as the last thing. Which meant when everyone else was turning in the outline to be checked, I was already done and finished with the assignment.

It was about a month ago that I began trying this previously ill-fated process when I was reading to kick start and recharge my creative batteries one of Bob Mayer’s books. In it he very strongly advised in favor of these dreaded outlines, but with a twist. He said, and mutilating his words, IT is MY outline and I can change it as many times as in any way I want between the start and finish. Huh, well, how about that, carte blanche to do my own thing, my own way, and that that there ‘outline’ could be as goofy as a bunch of notes I scribble down. Well, hum dingdatty! I already do some mutilated version of that. Sort of, but not quite.

So, I just sat down and wrote that little awful story, and it felt good to get back to writing and going all “fractal” as Wendig advises.

Ah, writing, I have missed you.




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