One of my favorite tv shows is back on. Let that sink in for a moment.

It is inspiring to see people try something new, reminds me that it is fear that holds me back. Hearing the judges talk to the contestants, who have achieved accomplishments in their careers, encourage and give pointers to improve on and finding the dancer within themselves reminds me that from time to time we are all beginners.

I enjoy watching, and have found it keeps me inspired to be active. Twice a year, as it is starts up it’s a reboot if I have slacked off, or a celebration when I kept with it. This time it is a bit of both.

This season started off unexpectedly, so no telling how it will end. My favorites may change as the season progresses, but right now I am cheering them all on. But, my heart of hearts, I am cheering on Marilu, Calvin, Maureen, James, BabyFace, Amber, Vanilla, Jana, Jake, Rick, Terra, Ryan and Laurie.


Healing Continues

Healing continues!

After breaking my forearm in an awkward ego check bicycle accident, I had surgery to place plates and screws. The current priority is helping my muscles remember how to work while bone-mending occurs . This stage requires patience and reasonable follow through, as in pushing but not too much, a fine line.

My solution is to start each day with the question, what is possible today? This takes into account the amount of sleep, pain level and stretching necessary for mobility. This same approach and perspective is a keeper and will be applied to my writing and life in general.

Like all growth it didn’t happen all at once, neither did the habit of doing physical therapy. It started with small efforts and each day it seemed like a struggle to do what I did the day before. The next week that was a little easier, but then I had to add a new movement to practice to remind the muscles and fire the nerves to regain function.

It isn’t easy.

Midnight Musings


False starts and stumbling around my murky thoughts, at times my focus and purpose with this “writing career” is crystal, to be the harshest critic and loudest heckler my very own self is easier. That repetitive own worst enemy scenario is a habit to break; a positive state of being is preferred.

Any age is a growth stage; mistakes are part of an evolution to an improved state of being. One positive perspective is looking at what I can use for character development, descriptions, including those of physical movements and dialogue construction.

Which makes me pause and whisper to myself, because I’M A STORYTELLER, because I’M A WRITER, so even this healing period can be productive in a way, and not as much of a set back as I first perceived.


Reading Chuck Wendig 30 Days in the Word Mines

Good stuff, Maynard, good stuff.

If I hadn’t broken my arm, my plans to write as I read along would have gone well. Despite the kink in my works, this was interesting, encouraging and annoying.

I just might as well tattoo the word “WRITE!” on my forehead, arms, fingers. Maybe even paint on the ceiling, walls, and floors of every room of my home, because that is the mantra every writer must fulfill -live, eat, and breathe.

Ok, got it.

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