Healing Continues

Healing continues!

After breaking my forearm in an awkward ego check bicycle accident, I had surgery to place plates and screws. The current priority is helping my muscles remember how to work while bone-mending occurs . This stage requires patience and reasonable follow through, as in pushing but not too much, a fine line.

My solution is to start each day with the question, what is possible today? This takes into account the amount of sleep, pain level and stretching necessary for mobility. This same approach and perspective is a keeper and will be applied to my writing and life in general.

Like all growth it didn’t happen all at once, neither did the habit of doing physical therapy. It started with small efforts and each day it seemed like a struggle to do what I did the day before. The next week that was a little easier, but then I had to add a new movement to practice to remind the muscles and fire the nerves to regain function.

It isn’t easy.


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