One of my favorite tv shows is back on. Let that sink in for a moment.

It is inspiring to see people try something new, reminds me that it is fear that holds me back. Hearing the judges talk to the contestants, who have achieved accomplishments in their careers, encourage and give pointers to improve on and finding the dancer within themselves reminds me that from time to time we are all beginners.

I enjoy watching, and have found it keeps me inspired to be active. Twice a year, as it is starts up it’s a reboot if I have slacked off, or a celebration when I kept with it. This time it is a bit of both.

This season started off unexpectedly, so no telling how it will end. My favorites may change as the season progresses, but right now I am cheering them all on. But, my heart of hearts, I am cheering on Marilu, Calvin, Maureen, James, BabyFace, Amber, Vanilla, Jana, Jake, Rick, Terra, Ryan and Laurie.


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