The best start to my day starts with coffee. In that quiet private moment, sitting next to my husband drinking coffee is my favorite part of the day. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we read, and sometimes we sit enjoying the moment of being with the each other that fills my heart to bursting

It isn’t the coffee, it is the company. That morning cup of coffee sets the tone for the day for the last 30 years. I think it’s what kept us in touch with each other. This habit of being in a quiet calm moment at the beginning of the day starts our day off right.

The enjoyment of my morning cup of coffee and all that goes along with it has been emphasized this summer. It has been one of the few things that hasn’t been cut or altered.

Sundays are always our special coffee days. My favorite to date is adding a packet of hot coco to the coffee. Yum!

However you start your day, start it with joy.



Another new word added to my self identity vocabulary. I used to call it being flexible, but that isn’t quite accurate.

I thought of myself as an underachiever, turns out I am an over-planner. High self expectations and the difference between my negative and positive vocabulary have all been a big hurdle from the moment I wake up to the second my eyes close at night.

It seems to be a universal thing— tearing oneself down with criticizing vocabulary. Change to the possibility of positive words isn’t easy. Awareness of definitions associated with the words including the tone.

Where did those words come from? Another layer that can prove to change perception of self. Who and how did those words become associated with me? In what context?

“Flexible,” a word I often used has a negative connotation to me, indicating something wishy-washy and easily walked over. The word “adaptable” indicates solid and firm but willing to make adjustments without losing what is important. Changing out those two words has made a difference in my self image.

What words do you use about your self that seem innocent, but come with baggage?

Pain Sucks

Specifically healing pain sucks.

I am aware that pain wears a person down. Constant, interfering with good sleep. Aware. Been that.

Had a clue? Not really, not until my arm broke. My endurance is be limited. Sleep is slowly becoming deeper and longer, so that I am starting to dream again and feel refreshed.

Both pain and lack of sleep haven’t been constant companions and my empathy to those who have had to make that acquaintance. They are truly awesome people who struggle and to conquer these obstacles in order have a full and active life.

Just about when I think I have had all I can take, with a little extra rest, the next week’s progress is made. I am very thankful for improvement and wish that for everyone.

Broken Possibility

Miserable, exhausted and more often than not this week in pain. Thats what it is like with a broken limb. (Can I get an amen?)

While I am in a very grumpy mood, without further listing the reasons why, I am in the middle of a mindful year focus of possibility. This focus has great potential at becoming a lifelong mantra.

My broken arm has brought new perspective. The possibility of restored health and range of motion may require accepting some limitation, and slow progress.

That last sentence was hypocritical. I have no patience. I have to do the physical therapy to get the range of motion. That takes time up and I already decided earlier this year I was behind on everything. Accepting that my expectations are skewed, is way harder than doing the exercises that will get me closer to restoration of my arm and hand. Typing and writing are awkward and tiring.

Sorry, twenty one pilots, your song Ride has proven to be the background music this summer for me. Taking my time, something I haven’t done enough of (see the previous admittance about not having patience). This broken arm has definitely made me take time, realize the pace I was trying to achieve doesn’t work for me.

Learning at this age to take time and enjoy my life, the process, the path and the journey. Answering my own questions. Living and not thinking (planning) so much. Being in the moment.

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