Another new word added to my self identity vocabulary. I used to call it being flexible, but that isn’t quite accurate.

I thought of myself as an underachiever, turns out I am an over-planner. High self expectations and the difference between my negative and positive vocabulary have all been a big hurdle from the moment I wake up to the second my eyes close at night.

It seems to be a universal thing— tearing oneself down with criticizing vocabulary. Change to the possibility of positive words isn’t easy. Awareness of definitions associated with the words including the tone.

Where did those words come from? Another layer that can prove to change perception of self. Who and how did those words become associated with me? In what context?

“Flexible,” a word I often used has a negative connotation to me, indicating something wishy-washy and easily walked over. The word “adaptable” indicates solid and firm but willing to make adjustments without losing what is important. Changing out those two words has made a difference in my self image.

What words do you use about your self that seem innocent, but come with baggage?


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