Partial Fist!


So, while swimming this week, I almost made a fist! WHOOP! WHOOP! To be exact, I wasn’t actually swimming. I had finished laps and was going through the tendon glides per physical therapy.

It was a glorious feeling to curl two out of four fingers into a fist. Such a relief, since it was July 18th that I could make a fist. I was getting a little concerned that my future would be only one fisted. Thankfully the doctor and therapists were right, I made a fist. It just didn’t happen when I expected.

I talked with several people who had broken arms of their own. The end results are varied. Some based on the extent of injury and some I think were just that determined and dedicated to recovery. (Thanks for the encouragement!)

I have to say, water therapy, for me, has made the biggest difference. It was the first thing I could do that felt normal. It was where I first began to feel “normal” again.

The first few times I swam in the shallower sections because I wasn’t confident of my ability. Nerves waking up is a painful experience that I won’t trade for anything. Not sure when that was going to happen, it just seemed safer to swim where I could stand easily.

Now that I am feeling better as a two fisted active person again, I am nearly ready to venture out into my favorite deeper water lane. I couldn’t be at this stage without physical therapy, my husband, and my children encouraging me.

It is good to be so much closer to normal.

*BTW – after a piece of stitch came out, I can now make a complete fist. That little bit must have been near or touching a nerve. Once it was out, my fist was fine.


There’s That

So There’s That

Benefits of being ‘winged’  (broken arm)—

Justifies sitting and watching Sunday afternoon football without guilt when are so many things I should be doing, but don’t want to do.

All the unsuccessful attempts of changing my ways of over-planning every single minute of every single day came abruptly to a halt.


Reactions of people witnessing my reaction to nerve firing as endings come back to life can be hilarious.

My kids help me the first time I ask, because they are afraid I will try to do things without them and further injure myself. SCORE!

The husband cooks all the meals, and early on cut up all my meat and even sandwiches to make it easier for me to handle when I was splinted so extensively there was only one useable hand. (Thanks Babe!)

The two above made me feel extremely pampered and very loved.

I never want to break another bone again, ever- not that I ever wanted to break one to begin with, but now I am rethinking being so “ACTIVE”. LOL! I had hoped to be doing some mountain biking because it seem so much fun and I have access to some trails, but I think I will stick to walking/hiking.

Napping mid day has seen a revival in my daily life.

I can’t rush anything, including myself.

Coffee in the morning means sitting still and just drinking coffee.

Everything now takes a minimum of an hour. It’s hilarious!

Swimming is AH – MAZE – ING rehab. Not that I didn’t already enjoy water workouts, but this has just made swimming more enjoyable.

I feel mortal and old. (Not a benefit, but should help with that not wanting to break bones again.)

Greater empathy for those with nerve pain/damage, range of motion problems and just general lassitude.

Taking Criticism

Taking Criticism

Kinda proud of how well I took some face to face criticism, lately.

First I acknowledged to myself how I was taking the conversation. It began with recognizing my emotional knee jerk reaction to the statements. Allowing those feelings to be.

Then I tried to not just hear the words, but listen as much as my emotional ears would allow. Once that knee jerk reaction blew over, then I would want review what was said to find useful information.

I am rather pleased with being face to face with criticism and processing it in the best possible way. That was a huge feat. Growth. Growth as a writer and as a human being as well.

I am practicing receiving criticism, a tough part of writing. Some is helpful, some isn’t. Discerning between the two types isn’t always clear cut. But you have to be able to not just take criticism but to listen to it as well.

I think you learn as much about the person making the criticism as you do about the subject the critic is about. Having witnessed someone be disrespectful and down right childish put me off this method of improving. It wasn’t even me that was the recipient of that less than altruistic moment. The sour impression stuck with me for a very long time.

Building up my own confidence was necessary to prepare to be on the receiving end. I know I can’t prevent myself from being caught in a similar situation, but I felt I could prepare to find myself in like circumstances and be prepared to rise above such an experience, should it happen to me.

Summer Priorities

Priorities at the beginning of Summer
Catchup on Sleep
Lose Weight
Train for 10K, Half, and Tri
Finish one if not both picture books
Finish YA rough draft

What got accomplished?
Caught up sleep.

The best of summer came in the form of perspective. This was not limited to work (story writing) but how to work as well. Seeking outside opinions and observations can be productive, but knowing/learning how to filter and find information that helps rather than hurts is a struggle.

Another positive outcome has been the Hubs learning how to make homemade icing. Hubs is The Breakfast King. Making cupcakes to satisfy our collective sweet tooth, he can do; homemade icing had not been successful.

After some discussion about details, I pointed out that with baking, the importance is to accurately measure. The Hubs is a little of this and that kind of cook. The icing he made this summer was yummy and just right. He was so proud.

That was it. I caught up on sleep and my husband learned how to make homemade cake icing. Pretty good summer.

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