There’s That

So There’s That

Benefits of being ‘winged’  (broken arm)—

Justifies sitting and watching Sunday afternoon football without guilt when are so many things I should be doing, but don’t want to do.

All the unsuccessful attempts of changing my ways of over-planning every single minute of every single day came abruptly to a halt.


Reactions of people witnessing my reaction to nerve firing as endings come back to life can be hilarious.

My kids help me the first time I ask, because they are afraid I will try to do things without them and further injure myself. SCORE!

The husband cooks all the meals, and early on cut up all my meat and even sandwiches to make it easier for me to handle when I was splinted so extensively there was only one useable hand. (Thanks Babe!)

The two above made me feel extremely pampered and very loved.

I never want to break another bone again, ever- not that I ever wanted to break one to begin with, but now I am rethinking being so “ACTIVE”. LOL! I had hoped to be doing some mountain biking because it seem so much fun and I have access to some trails, but I think I will stick to walking/hiking.

Napping mid day has seen a revival in my daily life.

I can’t rush anything, including myself.

Coffee in the morning means sitting still and just drinking coffee.

Everything now takes a minimum of an hour. It’s hilarious!

Swimming is AH – MAZE – ING rehab. Not that I didn’t already enjoy water workouts, but this has just made swimming more enjoyable.

I feel mortal and old. (Not a benefit, but should help with that not wanting to break bones again.)

Greater empathy for those with nerve pain/damage, range of motion problems and just general lassitude.


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