Partial Fist!


So, while swimming this week, I almost made a fist! WHOOP! WHOOP! To be exact, I wasn’t actually swimming. I had finished laps and was going through the tendon glides per physical therapy.

It was a glorious feeling to curl two out of four fingers into a fist. Such a relief, since it was July 18th that I could make a fist. I was getting a little concerned that my future would be only one fisted. Thankfully the doctor and therapists were right, I made a fist. It just didn’t happen when I expected.

I talked with several people who had broken arms of their own. The end results are varied. Some based on the extent of injury and some I think were just that determined and dedicated to recovery. (Thanks for the encouragement!)

I have to say, water therapy, for me, has made the biggest difference. It was the first thing I could do that felt normal. It was where I first began to feel “normal” again.

The first few times I swam in the shallower sections because I wasn’t confident of my ability. Nerves waking up is a painful experience that I won’t trade for anything. Not sure when that was going to happen, it just seemed safer to swim where I could stand easily.

Now that I am feeling better as a two fisted active person again, I am nearly ready to venture out into my favorite deeper water lane. I couldn’t be at this stage without physical therapy, my husband, and my children encouraging me.

It is good to be so much closer to normal.

*BTW – after a piece of stitch came out, I can now make a complete fist. That little bit must have been near or touching a nerve. Once it was out, my fist was fine.


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