“Circumstances don’t make a person, they reveal them.”

Self revelation came about as part of the recovery process. Throughout the healing and recovery, I became aware of myself in ways I had not seen clearly before.

I learned that I don’t quit.
I learned I have a competitive nature, even with my self —trying to do better, more, etc.
I learned that there is nothing else I can or want to do more than writing.
I learned that I actually do know myself pretty well, and no other person knows me better than me, other than the Old Man.
I learned some ways to change my habit of over-scheduling myself.
I learned a little patience.
I learned that we can’t compare ourselves to each other too much.
I began learning to respect our differences from others, as well as the differences of others.
I learned to start respecting my own path, and became a little more content with how far down that path I am at the moment.

Most of all I realized I am still learning, and that is a very good thing.


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