Fall Cleaning

A long time ago, when my children were little, instead of major “Spring Cleaning,” I chose to do all the major annual cleaning in the Fall. This ritual ensured the house was clean and ready for the holidays. Holiday decorating, unannounced family visits, as well as planned get togethers were so much easier to maneuver through with a good cleaning under the belt, so to speak.

This yearly thorough cleaning idea came from reading the Sidetracked Home Executives by Pam Young and Peggy Jones. Two sisters who created a card file cleaning system that worked well for me and my family back in the day. Now I have come around full circle to looking for a copy of that original book.

This is the first year in a long time, I reverted back to that former routine. We have filled the trash bin now for several weeks while downsizing to a home where only grandchildren visit occasionally and our offspring are now adults. I am enjoying this pared down lifestyle and realized that cleaning still boggles my brain, especially when I could be writing!

The old stand mixer began leaving metal flakes from the gears in my dough several years ago, but now that we found a replacement, I can make some holiday cookies this year. I think the garbage guys that have been picking up my castoffs and overstuffed garbage deserve some treats for their assistance.

It is easier to get into the holiday spirit when the house looks good and no drastic cleaning has to occur. Just unbox and sort through the decorations, set them up and turn ‘em on. Maybe next year, if we do a really good job this year, when the hubs is cleaning out gutters he can be enticed to hang some Christmas lights at the same time? Of course that would mean they would be up there until Spring, when he cleans them out again, but I am just fine with that.


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