350 Words

350 Words

Its hard to section off time in the day to work at writing. It isn’t like signing a time card or reporting to someone else. In my beginning, there was no one to check and see if I showed up and completed tasks or scenes, rewrites, editing, research, etc.

I dedicated time to establish a writing habit by writing a daily blog. Then life, and responsibilities got in the way. My own lack of confidence even created a block between working and making time to work.

Going back to college to try to gain insight and knowledge to improve my writing took time away from actually writing. (Yes, even my instructors, and fellow students could be heard saying to each other and themselves — JUST WRITE!)

Writing is the main way to work on and improve — writing. There are benefits to reading and studying writing as well, but nothing beats the practice of writing. Thats back where I am now. IF the bicycle accident this summer did anything good for me, besides make me recognize my advancing age, and diminishing agility, it made me sit still and write more. Whether it has been making notes, reading, or using voice to text software, I found the habit again, writing.

Working every day, even if it is just a little bit, towards the completion of a story. It doesn’t have to be all at once, or every word perfectly placed the first time. It is just starting each day with doing a little bit toward that end.

When I first started blogging daily, I set a goal of three hundred and fifty words a day. Something doable, and to that I return. Now with a little bit of additional time devoted to art, whether for story illustrations or just creative release; I think that is how it starts, at the beginning, for everyone. Start, do, just a little bit a day, over time it adds up.

IF you are a writer, and have set word goals, what do you do to get those last ten or twenty words? Do you just stop? Do you go back and insert extra words you know you will probably cut later? (This last paragraph is to get me over the 350 word goal.)


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