the Eve of the Eve of Christmas

Looking back over the last year and half, there hasn’t been much fiction writing. One might say it was a sabbatical from fiction writing but not quite. There has been some study and self critiquing of my methods as well as the writing itself.

Progress has been made in the way of becoming comfortable with editing my own words. For years, editing others has been easier for me; my children’s papers, my husbands published articles, even while reading for enjoyment. Editing myself, however, was extremely difficult.

Discerning why it was difficult turned out to be ironic; it took time to figure out, and time is the culprit. Time after writing a rough draft is necessary to distance myself before it is possible to edit. My brain, like most, will self correct between what my eyes read and brain comprehends.

Truth told, there has to be time between writing and editing. (Editing for me consists of reading aloud and a habit being established— reading sentence by sentence backwards.) There was a light bulb moment along the way; take my compulsion to over-plan, apply it to creating time between writing, edits and rewrites. Planning deadlines far enough inadvance to make them realistic.

Focus my time (there it is again) and efforts on what will get me where I want to be. It is the gift I am giving myself next year. Writing followed by 𝄆 edit, and rewrite 𝄇. Everything comes back to writing and time. So those two are first and foremost.

That leads me to overcoming my next biggest hurdle, marketing. Confidence in my writing from all that practice will increase as my skill does. You should also find more free reading material for you as well. That will work out pretty nice won’t it?

Your gift from me will be coming right here to you all next year. Perhaps you might even send me writing prompts? A word, a topic, something you would like to read a fictional story about, if you have one, just let me know. Drop me an email— 2j.kolb(that @symbol)

Merry Christmas,



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