Ego Be Damned

So, another thing I did this fall was take an online writing course. I was very challenged and outside my comfort zone. Through the course there were discussion questions, these were divided into two groups.

The first group was where I thought I belonged — beginners, first time writers. I participated in some discussions there. The second group’s questions intrigued me more, they were questions for seasoned, experienced writers. A group I didn’t identify with at all, but am now considering.

I have, after all, published my writing in one blog form or the other since about 2003. I have self published one book, and am included in an anthology as well. I am not a novice anymore. Maybe, I am now an intermediate?

One of the questions in the last week of the course discussed art, specifically the art of writing, touching upon this idea of validation of a writer’s work. Something new to me, not just regarding confidence but ego-wise; not only am I a writer, but my work is art.

Knock me over with a feather! I am getting there.

I am behind my schedule of what I should have published and where I should be as a writer. My dream plan path is off track. It is going to take some work and dedication to get back on. The one key element is that I have to have respect for my work.

Respecting my own work, more than anyone else’s opinion, matters most.

I think that struggling to not only create, but follow the path that is my own journey is one many others struggle to follow as well.

As I look forward to next year, I am thinking what will the focus be for 2017? If 2016 was all about seeing possibility, what will my priority of perspective next year?


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