Grace Period

Bonus Material (i.e. unscheduled post)

It occurred to me while reading another author’s Facebook post that the time between Christmas and New Years was our annual grace period. The post in question had asked on Christmas Day since Santa had come to call, could they for one day be not so good Christmas Day.  It made me think about that, and about New Years Day coming up.

So many other things have grace periods, these six days between December 25th and January 1 must be grace days. Either to catch up or breath a sigh of relief. Either way, this is a chance to work some magic on what is to be.

In 2016 I picked up some good old habits and lost some. Why aren’t those good habits a part of my life? How can I make them easier to do? So far, half way to 2017,  things are getting moved around to make the good stuff easier. That is how I am using my grace period.

How do you use your grace period?


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