Before Re-Reviewing

Before I re-review the Gilmore Girls reboot, I am going to divert your attention to Lauren Graham’s (aka Lorelei Gilmore) first non fiction Talking As Fast As I Can. As a fan, it was a fun book to read. Well, I didn’t read read it, I listen to Lauren, herself, read it to me. Audio books are great for things like this. It was most enjoyable to hear her voice, it made the diary entries more personal and intimate; like listening to your bestie confess all over the phone.
Besides being a fan thing, this book also speaks to writers. Graham divulges into her other creative side, writing. She shares with us her secret to finishing work in progress on time—actually it is Don Roos’ secret. A method in-sync with some creatives and our natural weaknesses; it is genius. So, I am sitting here now, as I write, utilizing this method.

The Kitchen Timer
There are various sources on the internet should you choose to search it. However, if you are a fan, and love Lauren Graham, aka Lorelei, just buy the book. You will get far more than just a lovely connection to a beloved television show that was timely and honest. And if you are a writer, you get a copy of Don’s method. Really, this is a big deal here.
I personally loved the show and spent many episodes watching with my daughter. We even watched A Year together. So a fan before? You betcha. About midway through the book, Lauren herself made me an even bigger fan of her written work because, as a writer, she gets it. An English major in college, this is no wanna be writer like myself who is still struggling to get that BA under my belt. She has the education, experience as an actor and author of both fiction and non fiction. Lauren has worked on creating screen plays for tv as well. By the time this piece is exposed on the web, no telling what else her creative mind has brought to fruition.
So, no, I am not just mentioning this in passing. It was refreshing to hear her talk of her writerly struggles. It was beyond that, it was encouraging. I send a big thank you to Ms Graham and Mr Roos for sharing how to get writing work done in a method that not only sounded good, but as of this moment is working pretty well for me. The difference between it and my methods of the past is this is written down and has firm guidelines. Something I hadn’t quite come to on my own.

Now it is time to write.


Catching Up

How do you catch up? How does anyone catch up? I know that I take time to catch up which seems to put me even farther behind because time was used up doing things that should have already been done, but the things that are currently waiting to be done now become overdue things to be completed. Is that clear enough?

Like for instance sitting here and writing a future post so that I stay on schedule after this morning’s unexpected deviation from the norm. The day of this writing isn’t going well. Unexpected events occurred and I am dealing and trying to keep on track. Nothing overtly major, just life.

In the past, I might have let them blow my whole day’s plans, because after all current my job is writing. I can do that, right? Let stuff get me off track of my work schedule. That’s what working at home and stay at home parents get all the time. We have this built in flexibility.

Yeah, I bought that concept. But you know what? That just isn’t the way it works. Not for stay at home parents and sure as heck not for work from homes. It doesn’t. We get more behind, I think, than those that work outside the home. Why do I say that? Because most people who work outside the home are working with others. I know that when I worked outside the home and someone took a day off it because they were sick or they needed off. Myself and co-workers picked up the slack that an absence created. I worked overtime to cover a shift, sometimes working a double, or at least sharing the extra load with the other workers that showed up.

When you are a lone wolf on your own, there is no one to pick up slack or cover your shift. You get behind. I mean B-E-H-I-N-D. And it takes days sometimes weeks to catch up if you are keeping to a schedule. Or you have to cut out things, just simply not do them or forgo planned down time and work instead to catch up.

Well, I am working through the momentary chaos that has interrupted my routine flow. Here I sit, working at a blog post for the future because that is what I am supposed to be doing. This is going to be a long day today, because it has more in it than was previously scheduled. More things to handle and do because of an unforeseen event.

Oh, well, can’t say I just “phoned this one in.” I have made use of the predicament as best I could. Still sat and wrote for an hour. Yeah, Me!

The Arm

I am so sick of . . . the arm. It has been a very slow process. Far slower than I have been able to accept at times. Argh!

Thankfully I am now sleeping a whopping five hour stretch on a good night. Up until New Year’s Eve, things seem to have been getting on an even keel. It was, workable, doable. I could reluctantly get with this status.

A day or so after the new year and it all went pear shaped. New sensations emerging, yet again; nerves, muscles, lack of patience, you name it. I am not complaining, just surprised. After six and a half months I had finally begun to accustom myself to the numbness and lack of sensation in parts of my forearm. Places where the sensation wasn’t quite precise other than you feel . . . something.

Now there are sections of muscle where I previously couldn’t sense movement that are, surprisingly, coming to life. Some sharp, some dull, but definitely more than what they were. Some a bit uncomfortable, and all this wears me out.

I keep a journal because, well, as a writer, my experiences are open to use in defining and expressing a character. When or how I will utilize this knowledge I have no clue. I just want to be able to go back to it and remind myself of what it was like. How it made me feel. Then I can be in the moment, mood, of a character. See through their eyes for a brief moment.

What we say, how we say it and even the why can all be lumped into attitude and perspective. That is a fact of life. So to write a character that comes off the page and has a voice that you can identify and hear in your head as you read the words, helps to obtain as much of that inner stuff as possible when writing said character’s dialogue or thoughts.

So here today, when I thought I was moving along nicely. A huge improvement that contains set backs, sleeping, movement, better and worse at the same time. Then comes in that frustration of the cycle beginning again. A cycle of improvement, adjusting to the improvement, it all saps energy and need more sleep, pain that will be easing as my brain and nerves start working together again. More range of motion means muscle fibers not accustomed to the movement letting their discomfort known. It is just, well, it just is. A good is, but also vicious at the same time. This is an interesting emotional state to document, and I wonder how I can use this in a story somewhere.

Well, that is how it works for me; may not be how anyone else does it.

Chuck Wendig

I have read one of his writing books. I have also read one of his fiction novels. I read his blog.

He is sharp and very witty. He also had a blog post back in December that I enjoyed and have read a few times.

I tried to get permission to reblog, but I failed. So, I am going to direct you to his to read for yourself. If you are a writer, it might just speak to you. If you are just a curious reader, it still might just speak to you.

So, click the link to go there –

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