Catching Up

How do you catch up? How does anyone catch up? I know that I take time to catch up which seems to put me even farther behind because time was used up doing things that should have already been done, but the things that are currently waiting to be done now become overdue things to be completed. Is that clear enough?

Like for instance sitting here and writing a future post so that I stay on schedule after this morning’s unexpected deviation from the norm. The day of this writing isn’t going well. Unexpected events occurred and I am dealing and trying to keep on track. Nothing overtly major, just life.

In the past, I might have let them blow my whole day’s plans, because after all current my job is writing. I can do that, right? Let stuff get me off track of my work schedule. That’s what working at home and stay at home parents get all the time. We have this built in flexibility.

Yeah, I bought that concept. But you know what? That just isn’t the way it works. Not for stay at home parents and sure as heck not for work from homes. It doesn’t. We get more behind, I think, than those that work outside the home. Why do I say that? Because most people who work outside the home are working with others. I know that when I worked outside the home and someone took a day off it because they were sick or they needed off. Myself and co-workers picked up the slack that an absence created. I worked overtime to cover a shift, sometimes working a double, or at least sharing the extra load with the other workers that showed up.

When you are a lone wolf on your own, there is no one to pick up slack or cover your shift. You get behind. I mean B-E-H-I-N-D. And it takes days sometimes weeks to catch up if you are keeping to a schedule. Or you have to cut out things, just simply not do them or forgo planned down time and work instead to catch up.

Well, I am working through the momentary chaos that has interrupted my routine flow. Here I sit, working at a blog post for the future because that is what I am supposed to be doing. This is going to be a long day today, because it has more in it than was previously scheduled. More things to handle and do because of an unforeseen event.

Oh, well, can’t say I just “phoned this one in.” I have made use of the predicament as best I could. Still sat and wrote for an hour. Yeah, Me!


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