So Far This Year

Right now, it is catch up time with the Brit guys motor show. They make me laugh. They also make me feel young again because they are older.

A slight deviation for me from my schedule due to illness, it wasn’t planned yet there it was. A kink in my works. It made me rethink my tight schedule and plans. Once I felt better it was time to rework and put in a wee bit more of fudge room.

So while I was busy moving my schedule around, I mentally compared my driving skills to this Brit guys. Sometimes they make me feel like my driving is not so bad after all. They also make me feel somewhat sharper than I think I am.

It makes me wonder who comes up with their tests and races. I am in awe most of all of the camera crew that film the show. They rival any car movie that I have seen. The bickering is amusing.

So what if my schedule is revamped again. That’s process normal, also why I like watching the Brit guys. So often they start on a journey and something goes wrong and they have to make adjustments midway through, or in some cases all the way through.

So far this year, it is going pretty good, even with some distractions. How’s your year going?


4 thoughts on “So Far This Year

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      1. Aha. Top Gear as was. I’ve not seen it, but I imagine it’s the same as before but with a bigger budget. I loved the old Top Gear, and the new version is utterly miserable.


      2. Not sure about a bigger budget, they film in a tent. (Or it appears to be a tent) I didn’t last five minutes through the new, just ew. The new show, they couldn’t afford any star guests, so as they announced them, before they could make it to the stage they would die in various accidents.

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