Spring Break

Yes, it is a late spring break for me. Taking time off from illustration attempts that have been taking up all my focus and time. So far the yearlong plans have had a fifty-fifty chance of remaining. Scrapped some ideas, and even replaced some priorities as well.

It is hard to admit being an over-scheduler. Its all that empty space. There is this drive to fill empty calendar lines. It didn’t served me well. Created stress, and ate away at the focus on what is really important.

During the abandoned spring clean, yes it was abandoned. I couldn’t do it and work. So . . . back to a beloved FALL clean. Do that right before the holidays and marketing the next book sounds like a smart move to me, time out of the office and running amuk hither and yon to local events won’t stress me right before the holidays— will wait and see how that really goes to reinstitute that permanently into my routine.

However, that brief clean out did uncover the original long term plans for my writing and our business. The bad thing has been that we are years behind where my plan had us for two reasons. First was college full time for a year and second that nasty bicycle accident. Allowing for those two things, we are on target that sort of relaxed some of my agitation. You know, stuff happens, all who do their best but fall behind raise their hands . . .

Yep, there is a bunch of us. Nice to be among you.

This is exactly why my current plans for this book project got knocked off due to illness. It took some extra time to revamp my plans and build some down time in. It wasn’t easy, I am a hard task master to myself (and probably to others as well). Discussion with my kids, husband and pretty much anyone who would listen went as a more doable projection formulated.

Sitting down once more to look at what I could do lead me to this Spring break (yes, honey, I did take off federal holidays). Relax and keep things simple. Less is more, even in scheduling. Ah ha! I think I’ve got it! Slow and steady. Turtling on.


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