It has been a while since I had to deal with shock personally. Then all of a sudden, POOF! The last time I was faced with it was the death of my mother.

This thankfully was not involving anyone’s death, though it has thrown a kink in my work plans, but as always this self publishing biz is malleable, so making some adjustments in the near future, but still expect to publish this year.

For the moment, I want to address knee-jerk reactions to those moments of shock. Possibly because of recent meditation practice, there were moments that concentrating on breathing and just being in the moment came easier. Or maybe I have just matured?

The decision that had to be made right then was the only thing I tried to focus on, letting my reaction and thoughts exist for their brief life as they rushed in and out of my stream of consciousness. Not worrying about judging them as useful or not, it probably did appear that I was calm, only trying to be.

Afterthoughts that came in the days following before I forget about them are: We all live in a bubble. We have friends, family, our little circles, and some of those circles overlap depending on how big and close they are, but then even as we orbit in each other’s worlds, there is still a much more intimate orbit within our selves and the people we live day in and out with that perhaps only we and maybe one other person know and understand, yet how often do we jump to make judgement about events that happen to others?

My perspective of the situation made me think about other people, because to me, the event looked dire and something was amiss. Or, maybe it was just my writerly imagination working overtime. Still, there are marks that were left behind that will probably always leave me wondering. What is another person’s intent? Innocent or something more dire, we just don’t know because we don’t have that knowledge.

Just be, in the moment. Let the reactions and emotions flow. It was hard to do, but my perspective after the shock wore off has been much easier to live with than times in the past. I hope this become a habit.


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