Hey! How are you?

Me, I am good-ish.

Busy, definitely busy. The last month has been a frantic finishing of the children’s story book for my “By Julie Kolb” pen name, Bad Dream. Over on my children’s author blog, www.byjuliekolb.com  there is a post with links to purchase a copy.

With that done, the next item on the list for September – work up a plan for publishing Sinister. The plan is having it available for purchase on the anniversary of the blog post that began that story, October 31, 2018.

That done, trying to decide about blogging. Do I resume or not. If I do, what is the purpose, direction. How does blogging fit into marketing my stories, does it?

Sure, there have been courses and books and blogs and research stuff looking at how other $uce$$ful indie writers/self publishers have done this. But how do I do that for me, without being annoying, sleazy or whining.

My crazy dream is over time by the slow as molasses “word of mouth” reference marketing of my readers to other readers from their enthusiasm at enjoying my stories. This slow build as my skill at storytelling increases. The romantic finding each other, reader to writer and vice versa as my published works grow.

Truth told, I am feeling pretty damn successful today, having had some pretty awesome complements from people who connected with the stories thus far between their finalized covers. The elusive financial gain that many identify with success wouldn’t be turned it down if it showed up, but I would want to read the fine print before signing.

So, what would you like to read here? Tell me. Thanks for your input.





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