A Very Short Post

This last week was full of research. Some was spent, it seemed, wasting time reading and scanning blogs and websites for information on marketing and social media. There was information to be found, but much of it went against my nature. So, I dutifully recorded it and then let it fester in the back of my brain for a while.  I have come to a mild meeting of the knowledge gained and my internal instincts, so I will have a go at that for a while and see what happens. Unfortunately for me, my closest advisors opinion matches up with the exact amount that I don’t want to do. So, I have to be realistic and accept that it will take far longer with anything less. It is a trade off.

The other research was for the work in process right now, Sinister.  Much positive feed back was given about my finishing that story.  I even got some writing done on it as well.  Notes made, and as I said research begun to help me write better as well. Let’s all hope for that.

I will be watching my numbers (about that social media stuff) to see when and how often posting on the blog should occur as well as finding the time and interesting topics as well.

For now, I will leave you with a picture of where I would really rather be.



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