Printed The Second Rough Draft

So, I did it. Its printed. Double spaced with interior notes. it says 21,000 words. Good grief, that means to make a novel I have to add some 70,000 words to it.  EEK!

Found a copy of the other King book on writing. Started the chapter about brand names. (Yes, I am aware I am not that kind of writer. Not famous, and I doubt that I will be, nor do I want to be. It’s ok, but keep it to yourself.)

Something to do while I try to get the nerve to read and edit the second draft. There was good reception for that original rough draft, even though being a true rough draft, there was criticism because I posted with errors. SHOCK! (If I had corrected, it wouldn’t have been a true rough draft.)

So, back to King’s book Secret Windows, in that chapter “On Becoming a Brand Name,” he discusses the aspect of word count. The different type of works based on word count novel, short story, The length of the story and whats currently selling. At the time that King wrote Carrie, the length wasn’t one that purportedly* would sell. * my mental voice reached a higher pitch and my eyebrow actually raised.

My point is that a good story, doesn’t matter the length. It matters if it is good. All the really matters is a good story and a clean copy. Am I right?

Intimidating myself into or out of getting started, remains to be seen.





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