To Mail Chimp or Not

So I saw recently on D’book that not everyone is liking the popup email lists things.  Yeah, me neither. But, I got one. Hypocrite (and for you spelling police and bad spellers, I just looked that word up because it looks like hip-o-crite, with a long i). Yes, I am.

I am giving this Monkey list thing a year to see how it goes. BUT, I have decided I do not like trying to write an email to introduce a new blog. From research on “how to social media market/brand” I will spend all my time on writing stuff for that and none in the form of storytelling. I am motivated, but not THAT motivated.

So, I am going to use that list to weed out the lookie-loos. Those on that list get first dibs on stuffs.  When I get stuffs. They are my big boosters, because they are sweet to me and got on in the beginning. (Um, just so you know, this is still the beginning. Late in the beginning, but beginning still.)

Like, I k now what I am doing, plowing ahead full force. I got my feet back on the ground and my head back in the clouds where it belongs.  Found my blue** colored glasses and they are back on.

Love ya for reading!




**Blue, is my signature color.


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