So, I thought I flubbed this! BUT I DIDN’T!

I found a contest that I could enter to help pay for some software I could use. But. I think I flubbed it.  I didn’t enter the right email and then I see “pending review” so I “backed” out of it and re-entered.  But  I may get disqualified, because it they both may go through and that would be WRONG.

Any way.  Here is the entry and the website. Please go vote for me.

Look for ‘byjuliekolb’ and vote for me!


The website –

My entry is I believe – #169834309   – THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED SEE THE LINK IN BLUE ABOVE ! contest entry

Here is the entry – note the contest entry doesn’t allow much space – the entries are very compact so this was written to give the reader space and time to think.

I am a writer, . . . and novice artist, and everything else. Under my belt are two children stories, which are part of a five book promise for my grandchildren. This coming year a story for grownups is the work in progress.
My beloved wheel of life Hub and I formed our business in 2014 to publish my first book, an easy early chapter book, Snowball, a story written for my granddaughter.
When I was working on Snowball, I drew rough images to show a real artist for chapter illustrations. My granddaughter served as an editor and got to see them before I sought out real artists who could do the ideas justice. Those drawings were edited with a sweet critique telling me what I could do to make those scratches look better. I realized then that she would expect to see those from me! The whole book was for her, with all my work alone. That was a big deal! I did make those tweaks to my scribblings and we published July 2014.
This past October, we published a picture book, Bad Dream. Why a two year break in publishing? Well, I am an adventurous grandma and was trying to hop tree roots on a mountain bicycle, and found I don’t do that well. I broke both bones of my forearm!
Did I mention I am in my fifties? I am. The break required a surgical repair. Now not only do I have people wondering what that woman is doing now, (Wonder Woman, get it?), but I am also a bit bionic as well, at least in one forearm!
The accident happened when I was beginning to learn how to draw, so I had to restart learning to draw with my non-dominant hand while going through physical therapy to regain use of my dominant hand. It set me back a year.
Bad Dream was published this past October 2017. Currently my work in progress is for grown-ups, a story I started writing as a Halloween post back in 2012 for my blog.
Why do I need to win this contest? I need to purchase a lot of things, software to make creating books easier, especially being able to create my own covers. Advertising, because not many people know who I am or what I do. Also, research, always research – research to become a better writer, to check story facts and build this still fledgling business!
Because I write for both children and adults, I make it easy to know what tales are appropriate for youngins, “By Julie Kolb,” and what is a story for a more mature audience, “J.Kolb.” I want to know what and who I am buying, don’t you?
If you have stayed with me through this short essay, I want to leave you with links to find my written work and check me out. So, here goes. For By Julie Kolb: blog,; Facebook @kolbjulie; Twitter, @byjuliekolb. For J. Kolb: blog,; Facebook, @ReadJKolb; Twitter, @jdotkolb. Thanks for reading! Love you! Julie


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