I have created a “blog giveaway” with RULES and ENTRY REQUIREMENTS and a POLICY – yeah – every thing over on my childrens author website By Julie Kolb – Good grief!

Also I am tracking my work hours.  (Thanks to Ryder Carroll and and Boho Berry and her tracker examples.) I am definitely working part-time job hours on the business side of this self employed writing career. Averaging 10-20 hours a week on marketing (all that Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Twitter, social media stuff) and administration, advertising, etc.

My big problem is tracking my writing time. Why am I tracking my writing time? Because people don’t really think about how much time it takes to start something like this. There are blogs aplenty about how to (how to do any and everything you can imagine – try it, let me know if and what you can’t find) posts including accounting for how much time and effort goes into being an indie author.

Did ya see that there? I inferred myself as an indie author, not a self published author.  WhY? I like it better.

Ok, so I still have some research I need to do for Sinister. But I have done my read through of just over 20,000 words actually written. I know the holes that need to be filled. I am getting notepads and pencils set up everywhere to make notes and write things as they come to me.

I had intended to start working on the rewrite after the new year, but with all the colds and viruses going around, I caught one. Was sick for a couple of weeks there, so now that I am no longer holding a tissue to my nose for the constant drip and the other to cover my cough my hands are free to write.

Have a SUPER Weekend (get it . . . Super Bowl)

Thanks for reading!



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