Lamb or Lion

This March is going to come in as one and out as the other, if I remember my lessons from second grade. At least my memory makes me think it was second grade, there is a snapshot floating around from some time early in elementary about having to do short reports on the months of the year.

Anyway, getting back on track with this first post of March, the month I promised to post daily about three hundred words in an effort to kick my writing habit back into gear. Some years back I did that for an entire year,  which is how the current story in progress began, seems appropriate way to get back in the groove of working on it.

There are actually several things that are floating around in my mind with those elementary memories about post topics and wild tangents that could fill a three hundred word quota post, but let me warn you, –


I would put this project at about the same stinker level as getting mooned by some palm trees in California- something that will happen every day, but you won’t know it if you don’t look for it.

Don’t let ’em catch you with your pants down

There is no plan to this month long project, so if you want to make a suggestion, comment below. Don’t take offense if your suggestion is great, but still isn’t followed through on, like many of us, there is a lot on my plate and as these words are appearing on my screen, in the back of my mind, I am questioning the wisdom of starting this. Being so close to that word target, but run out of clean clear sentences to reach that goal, we’re at an awkward end.


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  1. I tried to find out the origin of the phrase ‘In like a lion, out like a lamb,’ and nobody seems to be sure. Also it makes me wonder why people are regarding the current (very) cold snap in the UK as ‘unseasonal.’


    1. Weather is a fickle thing, it seems. My feeling is that the “seasonal” thing is really bigger than we realize. Perhaps our planet had a longer cycle than seasonal- those periods of the ice age and all that- maybe they are cycles on a larger scale than current records could ever possibly explain.


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