Spring showers, which are cold and dreary, hang over the eastern half. Watching the news last night, the dude in the suit explained the difference between meteorological seasons and astrological ones. Basically the astro ones are on our calendar and have to do with the earth’s tilt away or towards the sun. The meteorological ones change every three months based on common temperatures (cold winter, mild spring, hot summer and something called fall that just seems like a menopausal summer).

Regardless of where you are, Spring rain showers are either precursors for flooding or the signal to coastal areas hurricane season is near. We go from ice and snow to floods and hurricanes. For me, this weekend will be the last chance to make the chili recipe we found over winter.

In November I searched for a chili recipe that didn’t require “chili seasoning.” What popped up was an America’s Test Kitchen recipe in the search. Frustrated with having to register in order to view it; the next search found bloggers who had tried it and shared their versions. Over the winter we tried several variations, ending up with our own tweaks.

Grocery shopping topped my to do list today and since we already had most of the ingredients, it seemed a match was made. Cool rainy weather with a hot bowl of chili and reading. Yes, reading. Oscars? Maybe.

I know people that love watching the Oscars. It is a big deal for some, me, not so much. I like watching movies, but I find it hard to judge performances and stories and filming – all those categories! When all the various skilled craftspersons come together to create art – movies – judging seems so difficult. I suppose its better than having to buy movies like we do paintings and sculpture – only the truly rich would be able to afford to view them. Movies are art for the masses in a way. So are plays and television. Most of us can even own recorded copies of these masterpieces.

Maybe it is because my own craft skill is so far from the quality that would stand up to judging is why I am not a fan of contests. That could very well be why my interest in those award shows are fickle. I am not there, yet.

Someday in the future, when my writing is honed, the praises will rain down. Maybe also flooding my shelves will be awards for stories I have yet to tell. Presumptuous? Possibly, but right now that is me practicing positive thinking.


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  1. Flooding is all over this spring.They put the flood gates up in Paducah and the water has already covered Schultz park. In Texas we have flooding on our side of the state and drought on the other… go figure.
    I stopped watching the Oscars a few years ago. I have better things to do with my Sunday evenings. If I see a particularly good movie, I might pay attention to whether or not it is nominated or won. But I learned a long time ago not to depend on who won to see a “good” movie. Most of the time, me and the critics don’t agree. Although this year I am paying attention to The Shape of Water. It was a special story and done extremely well! 🙂
    Positive thinking is always a good thing! May your shelves be full of awards for the things you create!! I can think of no one who is more deserving! 😚<3

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