So earlier I started the post for today, but then I set the device down and got distracted. Squirrel! I ended up doing my nails and reading.

Then I sat down to start back on the post and couldn’t find the thing. Damn there are a lot of I’s in this post, but I promised myself this was going to be a totally unedited, brainstorm post. (Sorry Grammar Police.)

At the moment in the background on my side of this post is Cook’s Country, one of my favorite PBS shows. It is distracting, they are making pork chops, yum. And they are smoked! When is supper?

Which reminds me of a radio show on NPR this morning – This American Life, if you get a chance to listen to the show that has caused thoughts to rumble around in my brain today it was episode “Five Women.” Rather than debate something that is a personal experience for women I will just say that this might be one of those experiences that males may, depending on their openness and perspective might give them some insight.What is so special about this particular piece? Well, instead of just telling about the #MeToo incident, it reveals the history of the women and their work life perspective that they brought with them.

But, my attention is distracted, there is now talk of bacon on TV and my thought process to the above blurb is lost. Might be mean it is time for supper. I sure hope so, there is a pot of chili waiting to be warmed and someone talked about making cornbread to go along with.

I listen, watch and read. Observation is my study requirement and likely of most writers. Which is why I mention the radio show, it is tough being as much a part of what I am observing as I am the observer. Separating the writer from the story is about as tricky.

Or, I could just be way overthinking.

Trying to Shine

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