I caved

  • written as watching – because I couldn’t think of a better post.

I watched the Oscars. Well, actually, I am watching the Oscars, at least I am watching Kimmel’s monologue at the beginning. I love Helen Mirren!

Watching the first category, I am reminded of movies of the I missed and want to see. Good luck, Sam Rockwell, hope you win the jet ski. The commercial about making things was great. Not surprised that the commercials during the Oscar would be visually appealing and dynamic.

I will take Eva Marie Saint’s advice to mind, “Keep moving.”

Taraji (gorgeous) introducing Mary J, was a powerful stage moment. Mary J’s powerful voice held in thin control, phenomenal. The choral performance into commercial break was a nice touch. The well placed commercials that came after? Nicely orchestrated.

It seems like everyone wants a jet ski.

The musical performances thus far are so worth watching.

Rita Moreno, who I remember from Electric Company, is my hair mentor. Love her locks of grey.

This has been a visual and sound appealing ceremony thus far.

It there is a tribute to Carrie Fisher, I am going to cry.

Mark Hammill is the “La La Land” remark maker of the night. Wondered when that would drop.

Well, about time for the public’s appreciation, we pay the money that is cool.

Thank you for starting the trend of carrying high heels instead of wearing them, Maya and Tiffany!

No offense intended but I thought that Mary J. Blige’s song for Mudbound or “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

This has been not so much an emotional rollercoaster from the selected films to be celebrated, but the social dynamics that were portrayed in the films and even in the events of this ceremony of awards.

Well, that is all.







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