What Is A Mood Mandala?

Eh,  still not sure about this.One of the many doodling things that the bujo* community has a page thing. I have watched Boho Berry do them. They look pretty cool and  I can’t draw them. I have trouble deciding what color matches my mood for the previous day. (I like to review yesterday from today and get an overall consensus. Sometime my days start out bad and ends on a positive vibe. That isn’t the issue. Colorizing that mood is.)

I did a search on moods and emotions and found on Wikipedia this thing about Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions. Problem was that my moods didn’t match up with his terms and I didn’t like his color designations for the ones that did.

Do you think I over thought that? Yep, I sure do.

So this time around I am doing my own thing – calling it what it is and deciding if it is positive or negative and using my favorite colors for those positive moods and the colors I don’t like that much for the negative days.

Ok, so maybe this additional thing is just something that eats up my time, but I was trying to figure out if there is a rhythm to my writing productivity – is the first, middle or end of the month better? Are Tuesdays always bad writing days?

Overthinking, again. Yup.

Though I will say some days writing focus is related to mood.

And terms, can I throw that in the mix of this post? I had the term edit or rewrite – I prefer the word – Tweak. Rewrite and edit  to me sounds so decisive. Mean almost. Tweak sounds more gentle. It gives what you have just that gentle nudge to be better. True, sometimes it is a hack and slash edit that ends up forcing me to do a real rewrite.

So, if I could maybe tweak my writing to where I could utilize my mood to improve my writing? Ok, that just sounds really desperate to get beyond the gazillion words that have to be written by me before I get really good. Today my mood was studious and these words were the couple hundred of those gazillion done.




*Bullet Journal-RyderCarroll Click this link for information 

Bohoberry that does some awesome mandala’s 


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