Reading to Write

Hand in hand with all this writing practice, comes reading. For the umpteenth time in the last several years, I am reading Mrs. Dalloway. A study one might say in a female voice of a female writer using a stream of consciousness style.

But not only books, I try to enjoy plays, tv and movies. Those that I really connect with, I attempt taking apart and reluctantly analyze (a dirty word in my vocabulary) what made this book, show, play, movie work. Sorry successful authors.

I have an exclusive readership as far as the children books go.Which is fine by me, I love my readers. I am not sure how many kids actually have read those books, but I know there are a number of adults that have given them as gifts and some have said they, themselves enjoy the stories.

So, this was a long whining introduction to what I did Tuesday night.

I wore some gloves to cut up and clean out some jalapeños fill them with cream cheese and then wrapped them in uncooked bacon. After about somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour (I didn’t clock watch, I just kept checking the baking sheet through the oven window. And popped a beer to drink when they were done.)

It was This Is Us Tuesday.

We have gotten in the habit around here of prepping for the show like we are getting ready for the most important football game of all time. (Now I know they show problems with alcoholism on the show, but we only have a beer a piece, we aren’t getting drunk-Moderation.) There is a box of tissue on the end table.

The key is the writing and the acting together make this show connection with the audience. I am in awe of the writing team. One writer is Don Roos, of the kitchen timer writing process fame, who wrote two episodes. The main man is Dan Fogelman. And he is good. A hundred years from now, I dare say, writers will be searching for information on Fogelman’s life like we do now about Shakespeare and Wilder.

Granted there is a difference between writing a story for a book verses a screenplay. But you still have to learn about timing and revealing just the right information at the right time. Dialogue is a hurdle for a lot of us writers.

Lofty goals have I. Sure hope I live long enough to get closer to them. At least there is a mountain of good writing out there to enjoy while I am learning. And a good beer.

Bacon-Cream Cheese Peppers, Beer and a crying towel.

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