Good Intentions

These daily blogs were intended to make me work on a story. For those who have been following me for years now, you remember it, it started as a blog post and then morphed into a draft written and posted in rough draft form.

Rough draft form means it was raw, ugly with all the initial spelling and grammar errors; equivalent to walking around necked in public for a writer. I was daring to show how and what it takes to write a book. An idea and its evolution, written in the initial moment words transfer from a thought to something tangible others can read (ink or digital). Might be the second, or third draft before you really start the polish process into something you aren’t embarrassed to share with others.

Unless of course you are one of the lucky few who are genius and truly gifted with the ability to be perfect. (I am not one of those, but that isn’t stopping me, and if this is your passion, your calling, it should stop you either.)

I have spent some time contemplating some changes and identifying missing pieces of the story. Even have come up with some new twists and turns that I think will make the story even more captivating.

For those not familiar the story/posts, I did a clean up edit (that still has a few errors in it) on this very blog. Here is the link the to story.  If you really want to see what a rough draft, the initial, sit down and “vomiting on the page” you can check where I moved all the posts onto a page on here as well. You will see hashtag and a number, the number represents the original posted order. You will find that some of them were actually written out of order. That rough you can read here. But don’t get the idea that this story is finished, it isn’t. The final story with a lot of hard work and hope will be self published this fall. You can then compare where it started, some of the writing process and the final product.

The one thing that I hope comes of this story and its process, that you find it encouraging to write your own story.


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