Immagonna Brag!

Back in February we took a long weekend and went to see our eldest in California. The Eldest got on a show on a network and the airing was right before Valentine’s Day. The Hubs and I had discussed how at least one of us had to go. It was a big deal.

His episode taping had culminated with a big reveal to family and friends. We couldn’t make it because The Hubs had major surgery. Thankfully another family member was able to make the trek to that. It ended up we both got to go to the watch party.

The airing of the episode was emotional for me. It was a very positive show, and I am so proud of The Eldest. During the evening with the group who came together to watch, it was so reassuring to see the number of friends that he has made in just over a year there.

Because this episode deals somewhat with the issues of PTSD, and because I believe that there are so many that can find inspiration in this particular series and the approach that I saw that The Eldest went through, I am going to mention the show.

I am not doing this to make any connection personally with the show in any way, nor to run my blog numbers up. Rather it is because the benefit goes beyond just filming a show for ratings. It is always worth the effort to keep looking for what works for you. IF nothing is, don’t stop looking, ever.

My son was on Revenge Body. Watch Episode 5. Watch all the episodes. Both seasons.

My thanks to those who participated and most especially to Aaron. Khloe, you did a real good thing when you decided to do this show. Thank you.

That’s it. That’s all.

Congrats Eldest,





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