Whatcha Doing?

Me? I am sitting here in a comfy spot, listening to some jazz, sipping a cup of tea and contemplating the rest of my Sunday. Doesn’t sound bad does it? (Ok, so if you don’t like jazz, substitute whatever type of music you find re-spiring* relaxing and inspiring at the same time.)

Sometime today, we will go for a walk and possibly make a loaf of bread. One of those productive physical therapy things that I do weekly for the arm of metal, knead bread dough.  I am toying with the idea of making a comic with an elderly couple. The hubs with various joints of titanium and the old hag of a wife with limbs of same.  I am not sure their purpose or how they would weld their super powers but it is something, as aging has become a serious influence in my life, to consider.

Last month’s brainstorming made me aware of holes and given me more character development to do. There is a nice twist that my dude and I have been discussing. *Why is it always a bad thing when family and friends like your stuff especially when yours isn’t bashful about voicing critical opinions? But then we all think that about our own families, don’t we?

One more week towards the warmer temperatures here, thought knowing in a few months sweat will be pooling and the air conditioning will be my favorite friend. Maybe we need to consider retiring in a temperate climate. But then I would miss a few days of winter snow and not appreciate how good the spring and fall scents and breezes.

Which reminds me that right now is a really good moment. I should stop thinking of anything else and just revel in it. So, I think this little writing session is done for the day and time to do just some existing. Have a good one-




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