Distracted Brackets

So, I am a little behind with today’s post.

I nearly missed most of the basketball season. Life got busy, and I chose living each day to the fullest. Sometimes that happens, catching the scores if you catch the news or reading friends feed on social media keeps you up on favorite teams. I read tweets and signed up for teams to send me messages on final scores. Of course, Kentucky sends me during game tweets and have for years. It helped when my children were in school and had games the same nights.

Let me be honest here, I was not the only parent keeping track. There were a few parents and grandparents that during timeouts and half time would ask me the score. Now, whether this was merely to amuse them selves with the “Transplanted I BLEED BLUE Kentucky Girl at heart” or as I prefer to call them, real fans, I don’t know.

What I can tell you is that, I am not ALL about writing.

This year’s brackets were tough not only because of my lack of viewing many of the teams in other games, but also because some of these teams are new to my bracket choice. How have they performed this year? Haven’t got a clue. How have they placed in years past in their respective divisions? Don’t know. How ardent are their sixth man? How far will they travel to see their team play?

Many questions unanswered for me and the required research time, I don’t have. So this is a guess bracket. If I had the time, I would look at the scores of every game each team played. I would look at who they played, where they played in comparison. I would look at their fans and the determination of their support. All, and don’t mistake me, ALL of that goes into how I normally chose my choices.

This year, It was strictly made from the sheet. I looked at records, where is the team from, where are they playing and comparing that straightforward information for each game.

So, best of luck to all.



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