Reality Check

What is the purpose of this blog?

You wonder?

Yeah, me, too.

I had this grandiose idea that this blog would lead me down the road to a successful authorship of stuff. Yeah, you read that, stuff. Wait. That is wrong.

First I needed to get beyond grief. Blogging was a way to move past grief, anger, and disappointment and into being a writer of stories. Then it became about writing stories.

Brainstorming, sure a definite place to do some of that – in fact, that is how the story I am working on and want to publish this year got started.

Motivation? As in, showing up to write? – like this is a job. – DEFINITELY. I show up, in writing, you show up to read.

It has stumbled and stalled as I have struggled to gain skills, or at least somethings that look like skills. This year, it is also being used to get my rear-end in the chair and write to finish that story so I can publish it in a more timely manner than I have the last book I wrote for children.

I hope that it looks more professional than what I have done up to now.

Also inspire someone who really has talent but not enough guts to follow their dream see what I am doing here and think— WOW! She’s an idiot, but at least she is doing something to make her dreams come true. What can I do?

Last but not least, I hope that some readers stumble upon these posts and check out the whole Sinister Project and decide that there is something there they enjoy or connect with and stick around to find out when the finished story is published.

I am also working on some other projects like

  •  learning how to use social media
  • learning how to be a videographer
  • becoming a better photographer
  • practicing sketching
  • watching tv and movies
  • reading books
  • trying new recipes

And napping, definitely napping.


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