Trippy Trip edit!

*Another Draft pile post that has finally been published.

Just Incase my mind goes blank or life gets in the way of my daily blogging in March, here a prewritten posted that I am saving to drafts.  (I typed that to start this, will it make it through any edits between now and the time you read this? We will both find out at some point in the future.)

So we went to watch The Eldest’s national televised debut of being on a show. once we knew the date of the airing, my mommy instincts kicked right in with thoughts about how and why we couldn’t make the taping of the finale. The Old Man was having surgery and I needed to be with him. The only thing standing between the watch party and us was time and distance.

I slept fitful the night between The Eldest’s message and coffee the next morning. Old Man and I discussed the importance of being there for our grown adult. Unfortunately O.M. didn’t feel that he could take time off but he felt as strong as I did that one of us should go was all I needed to book my tickets. My hinting that this should be both of us, didn’t really sink in for a couple hours after Old Man got to work. So a second set of travel plans were made.

Here is where the story really begins. We made it to our gate and everything was set on ready, but as our boarding time approached I noticed that bad sign of people suddenly on their phones and fellow passengers around us arising to form a line at the gate counter. Ah-Oh!

We found our first flight out of the gate was delayed nearly three hours. The next flight was fifteen minutes before, but it was fast filling up. Did I forget to mention that our second leg of the trip was to leave our first arrival at the same time we now would be starting off the days travel?

Oh, well, yes, there was no way we could get from where we were starting out to where we need to catch the second flight. We went from flying and layovers consisting of 12 hours to 20 including time zone changes during winter storm Matteo. No real surprise, it is to be expected during winter travel and why the travel was scheduled for the day before we needed to be there.

At one of our layovers, we were sitting down to have a beer during a long layover near us we hear shouting, after seeking the source and turning to Old Man, I notice everyone around us was looking in the same direction. The yelling came nearer and within minutes the source was right in front of me, followed closely by TSA. I can’t recall the exact words, but I can tell you that hearing them and their delivery inspired me to pray then and now. Not sure the reason why this person was distraught walking the terminal throwing hands up in the air, but obviously they were struggling to deal for whatever the reason.

My sympathies for the person and the security that was staying close. After circling our end of the terminal the person continued back the way they came with security staying close. How the incident ended was out of my eyesight and earshot.

We finally made it.

It was fantastic. We stayed close to our son and the venue of the show party. It was a blast. I can’t remember everyone we met by name, but they were all super nice. The show aired and we got to spend some time with the eldest before we flew back the next day.

So worth the trippy trip to be there to support you.

Proud of you, our Eldest, love you, Mom


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