Editing and Final Copies

Here is what I learned from publishing the two children’s books.

  •  Copyrights are cheaper without a supplemental.  So make sure you are done with major additions!
    • I added the illustrations to the picture book after I filed for the story itself. Because I dragged my feet and didn’t submit the drawings in a timely manner, I had to add them as a supplemental.
    • $35-55 for an electronic filing, paper forms $85, Recording fees are $105 and the services and fees go up from there
    • where to file for
  • ISBN numbers if you buy them yourself or let another company or corporation own them
    • Very personal decision to make, but think it through.
    • Regardless of your decision –
      • remember that editing is key and costly
      • reprints are one thing change is a different edition, you can research the pros/cons and percentages but know that new editions generally call for another ISBN number
      • These cost anywhere from $29 – $129 depending on what and how you plan on selling
      • where to buy 
  • Marketing?
    • (maniacal laughter) No, seriously, I do not have this figured out. And to be honest I believe with all my being that this is a very personal issue. What works tends to work, until something brand new becomes the new thing. I think the odds are not in your favor if you go against the grain (from my experience, as I have gone by my gut and moved far slower than I should have in some parts and too fast in others)

Let me bottomline it for you— the cost of editing is worth it — if you use someone reputable and that works within the genre you are writing and even experienced in the reader age you are targeting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sure there are errors and mistakes in both my children books, but the costs involved aren’t ones that at this point I will see the benefit of incurring again.

But, I have no regrets. I did it. However good or bad they were received. I did it. My mistakes and failures are being put to good use with this next story.

So take what knowledge you can glean from my words and works and best wishes!



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