The Questionnaire

Sinister – one of the main character answers  to the Vanity Fair edition of The Proust Questionnaire1.  

  1. Idea of perfect happiness – any time before my parents death, or the people I thought were my parents.
  2. greatest fear – now.
  3. trait most deplore in me – ignorance, insecurity, anger
  4. trait most deplore in others – secrets
  5. living person I most admire – my mother, or who I thought was my mother, well, the woman that raise me
  6. greatest extravagance – my life before
  7. current state of mind- grief, anger, curiostiy
  8. most overrated virture – kindness
  9. when I lie – only when I am forced to
  10. what dislike about appearance – that what I thought were family traits aren’t
  11. living person most despise – adoptive grandfather
  12. quality most like in a man –  honesty
  13. quality most like in a woman – honesty
  14. words or phrase most overused – not fair
  15. greatest love of life –  haven’t found it yet
  16. when where most happiest – a year ago
  17. talent most like to have  –  charisma
  18. change one thing what would it be – to not be adopted
  19. greatest achievement – getting Grafat’s blessing
  20. die come back as what – a cat
  21. where most want to live – in knowledge
  22. most treasured possession – Nonnie’s rosary
  23. lowest depth of misery – after Mom and Dad died and I found the letter
  24. favorite occupation – daughter
  25. most marked characteristic –  stubbornness
  26. most valued in friends – empathy
  27. favorite writers – Ann Rice, J. K. Rowling, R. A. Salvatore
  28. hero of fiction- Drizzt
  29. historical figure identify with – Eleanor Roosevelt
  30. heroes of in life – parents, biological and adoptive
  31. favorite names –
  32. most dislike- deception, lies
  33. greatest regret- that I didn’t thank my parents before they passed
  34. how to die – in a blaze of glory
  35. personal motto – I don’t know but I will find out

That was kind of fun. Trying to imagine the answers.


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