What? It is, what it is.  I am not looking back, but forward. There is a lot of work ahead for 2018. I am down to seven months before I release my first grown up fiction. (Cross your fingers.)

I started self publishing children’s fiction because, well, I made a promise. And I am keeping it. But. My heart isn’t in it at the moment. The whole time I have been working on the two in print, and one or two that are in research and what I like to call brainstorming time, my heart has gone back to my first love.

An eclectic story telling that runs the gamut of many genres. That whole genre/style/categorizing aspect is one I have to work on. I nuzzle up to one and then another, not really sticking with one— but I know I have to so that I can have an approach to marketing the stories as they are finished.

There has been a distinct shift in my perspective about writing and business. A good shift that has given me the distance. I may have a loose handle on the writing process, but the business side up to now has been total chaos. Hoping the changes in my approach to marketing and my perspective to paying gigs gets an adjustment.

Anyone want to share their blog or experience at this next stage? Going from a finished product to getting your work in front of the eyes of a reader? Go for it. Suggests away.




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