Me, Being Mom


***The eldest is doing a podcast with his buds. (They need script submissions.) The premise of the show is reading a script cold. Tongues get twisted, and some vulgar language (warning), and cursing, spontaneously spew out, if that offends, don’t even.

Out of the first six episodes four have additional guest voices.

  • Episode 3 — Ryan Hartley
  •  Episode 5— Noelle Fabian Dragon
  •  Episode 6 —Sophie Hard

Harley along with writing, also reads along with the guys. The ladies lend their voices a trilogy.

The scripts have been a range of stories behind them from end of the world Cheech and Chong style story to mystery. The primary script writer to date is Joey Skaggs, also performs. Joey keeps asking for others to send in their script (email them to )

Collin Buckingham, as they say, runs the levers and knobs. For people like me, it means he is the sound guy. The quietest of the four, is the sound guy. Is that how that works? Nice work on the levers and knobs, Collin.

Adario Mercadante, a comedian who also has some acting chops. He is the comic relief. Rumors about that sometime ago he may have swallowed an old Jewish lady, and don’t ride a bicycle under the influence anywhere near where he is driving.

Michael Kolb, is my offspring. Despite all the time sitting in front of a mike to do the show he has kept his podcast bod in shape. Michael is the best eldest son a mom could have. He is my biggest supporter, so duh, I am trying to be his.

The final in the three parter will be out next Monday, March 26, 2018. Ragged Rock is a trilogy about a town, doppelgängers and dead bodies. That’s all I am going to tell you about it. You just need to go listen.

Listen, like, share, leave 5 star reviews. Help a mom out here, don’t want them all moving back home.

The show is open to performing submitted scripts. Write a script and submit. Email to

Listen to the podcast

They are everywhere.

*** The Patreon account they have a Private Script Read Reward that gives you a straight script read. They will read with no cut ups, mistakes or fart jokes. Sounds like a good deal.


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