Daily Writing

Do you do that? Write daily? Whether it is an emotional mind-sweep in the morning (ala Julia Cameron’s minimum three pages) or some other guideline of writing, do you?

This month long daily blogging thing is really draining me. I have been looking at drafted posts that never saw the light of day until now. Dug up a notebook from two years ago I jotted inspired potential blog posts in the midst of life.

Hmm, there is a lesson in there. Gonna let that little tiny magical moment just sit there.

When I was feeling really unmotivated, a little 365 book of writing prompts was purchased. Before I returned home, there were ideas and a storyline started. The book? Found it last week. It needs to move from the drawer I found it in to my favorite work space.

One thing I took away from Pinckney Benedict’s writing course was — you can always use writing exercises to prime the pump. That and practice, practice, practice.

My greatest weakness is grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. Good news, that is what editing is all about. That practice doing thing, it applies to editing as well. They are all skills.

Like the pitcher that stands out in a field aiming balls into a milk crate mounted in the strike zone of an imaginary batter, practice. That thing that great free-throw ball players do before and after practice with the team ends, practice. They make time for practice.


This is practice.

Thank you for stopping by to read a word or two. Grateful if you stuck and read it all, Kudos if you have kept coming back.

It has me brainstorming about this blog, its purpose and what to do with it in the future. What do you think? Anyone got any ideas? Comment away, please?


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