Cleaning Out The Closet

The writing closet that is. Actually it isn’t a closet, but a thumb drive where all beginnings of short stories are stored — rough drafts, outlines, thoughts, any concept of a possible story. Going through it to find anything that will a decent story for here, the blog.

Similarly something this week went up on the pen for children’s  blog of mine. Granted, it was an idea that hadn’t been followed through on due self consciousness.

I know that I am more inclined to pay for fiction when I  know I enjoy the how the writer writes. Despite others recommendations, checking out a library book before plunking down cash is how I find new authors. That or I stand blocking a row of books in the store reading a least a few pages before I buy. That is drinking the milk before buying the cow.

Love it when any form of electronic book allows me to read or listen before as well. One of the reasons I like to make the settings for mine so that you can see how my tales read before you spend your money on mine.

Besides cleaning out the thumb drive, some time was spent thinking about what I can do to meet more readers. It isn’t like I can walk up to everyone I meet with a book in one hand and the other held out empty for payment. Nope, it doesn’t work that way. I don’t like that when someone does me that way.

One of the reasons I started this blog, to give readers a way to read before they buy. Now, with electronics and media forms changing and growing, maybe I need to look at audio as well as digital books.

My first children’s book is out on audibles. So maybe I need to do something along that lines with my first grown up fiction.

Building a readership is not easy.

Thank you for reading!



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