The End Is Near

Six more days of daily blogging left for the month. It has been . . . busy. Has it helped me get back into the habit of writing on a daily basis? Honest answer? I don’t know.

I won’t know until April is over and I can assess whether or not I am writing as much as I did in March. Thirty one days, when it is over and a minimum of three hundred words a day. Not all of those words were on the same subject, a story. But, that wasn’t the point.

Carving out the time to sit still and write was. In the middle of life that is busy and ever changing. Making something like a three hundred words on the screen before I could call it and get all the other responsibilities handled in my day was an old habit that needed to be resurrected.

That wasn’t the only habit I was breathing life back into, the other was reading. My habit of morning reading topics covering business motivation, research, information, being a writer, studying writing, publishing business, and self publishing business. A way to focus my day and self motivated at the top of the morning.

Another reading habit that goes back as far elementary, one that began over one summer was reading before going to sleep. By sixth grade I was up to reading an entire Nancy Drew (the hardback with the yellow spine) in one day. Start a new one every morning with breakfast and then as much as possible laying on the linoleum floor underneath the window air conditioner when the day got to hot playing outside. Then after supper and bath, zoned out between the pages with the tv white noise of my parents choosing. Finishing the story behind my closed bedroom door so my mother wouldn’t see the light from my room up past bedtime. A few stories were finished with a flashlight under the covers. (Mom or Dad one had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and realized I was still awake (DRATZ!). Evening reading is for fun.

The next seven months will be the best judge of whether or not this habit building project was successful. Will Sinister be self pub’d in October? Let’s freaking hope so!


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